What is Cardano ADA?

The central token of the entire Cardano ecosystem is called ADA. It was issued on October 2, 2017, with a maximum supply of 45,000,000,000 ADA.

The total amount of ADA is 4.5 billion, of which 2.5 billion is used for ICO, and the remaining 500 million is used for the financial support of the development company. Still, 1.5 billion remaining ADA coins will be continuously issued.

This project started in 2015 and is a blockchain development platform. It is the first academically proven PoS mechanism platform, aiming to change the way cryptocurrencies are designed and developed. Cardano believes the traditional software development process could be more suitable for the blockchain. A secure blockchain must undergo continuous peer review from the basic algorithm to the code. Cardano’s main applications are in smart contracts and payments.

Cardano Game Platform

Cardano is very much like a game platform. On this site, players can engage in combat and earn ADA coins, and there will be a level-matching system. If you want to play on the Cardano platform as a player, you must hold ADA coins on your account, and the tickets must have to. As the core token of Cardano (ADA), holders have the right to speak and vote on the future development of the network protocol and can decide the asset allocation of Cardano each time a new block When is generated; current ADA holders can vote to determine the use of some of the ADA coins. Such as hiring more engineers, marketing, and even investing in other blockchain projects.

ADA Founding Team and Background:

The ADA project comprises the ADA Foundation, Input Output HK, and Emrugo Corporation. The ADA Foundation is a non-profit whose primary purpose is to promote community development and engage with regulatory and commercial authorities. IOHK, a cryptocurrency research and development pioneer, has a contract to develop the Cardano platform until 2020. Emurgo is a venture capital consulting company that assists companies in building the Cardano blockchain system.

The name Cardano comes from the 16th-century Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, a doctor, an astrologer, a philosopher, and a gambler. He used astrology to predict his death, and it is said that he finally committed suicide on the same day. ADA is named after Ada level, a British aristocrat in the 19th century, and she is credited with becoming the world’s first coder.

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